Shurtape sweepstakes gave away 2 classic Mustangs. Yes, we got permission from Ford to use the horses.  

Many of Dana's products are nuts and bolts. But expertise was the message.


ET Moore reclaims ancient heart pine beams and re-mills them for beautiful results. 

Arcona processes fine leather and asked for a brochure that reps could use to talk to furniture manufacturers. The "liquid leather" concept helped show the suppleness of the product. The manufacturers liked the brochures so much, they used them to show consumers the value of the leather, too. 

Diabetes reps used iPads to discuss with healthcare teams the challenges patients face starting mealtime insulin injections. Animated "beasts" represented 4 main concerns that patients have. Further content included ways the drug company helped address them.


Insight-based ad for physician-targeted pediatric diabetes market.

We tapped into the sentiment that diabetes doctors wanted to be sure their advice followed their patients into their everyday lives. Especially where decisions affect their condition--such as choosing the right foods.


Surgical technology continues to advance. Here, the benefit is more precise pre-surgery measurement, saving the surgeon time and helping them be more confident of a well-fitted knee replacement.  

Lilly helped sponsor a research grant for diabetes. This web banner promoted it, along with a journal ad (below).


Many medicines are challenged by patient non-adherence to therapy. This program was developed to help patients with cystic fibrosis.


Part of the program mentioned above includes a mobile app to help patients track their adherence. 

A pull-out collateral piece showing a selection of insulin pens for patients. Patients were involved in the actual design of the pens. The campaign tied in to the sense of ownership patients felt with this new device.