Ads and Posters

In-store. In-trade show. In a newspaper. In a trade journal. In a magazine. Who you talk to, and where, makes a difference in how you talk to them.

In-store POS poster series for World Market's wine section taking advantage of some of the products' offbeat names. 

Auto body shops use lots of masking tape. And naturally auto body guys are gear heads. With promotions like this to create more product trials, Shurtape developed loyal customers and made huge gains in market share over a nationally known brand of tape.  

Comerica Bank's commercial business grows by  really getting to know their customers. As you can see here.

No smoking in the house. That's a common rule. We used that fact for an in-store POS poster. Part of a series. 

Yes, radio stations run newspaper ads, too. 

When possible, let the visual do the talking.  

Rolled in a tube similar to architectural plans and direct mailed to potential customers. 

Eli Lilly developed a knack for resonating with doctors who specialize in diabetes.  In this ad for a diabetes congress journal, the "finger stick" that diabetes patients have to endure daily is immediately recognized. 

Eli Lilly Diabetes really does care about making a difference. Globally. They wanted an ad that talked about that--by raising awareness of needed care in third world countries. 

In-store promotion for Wendy's. 

Outdoor series for United's brokerage services. 

Part of in-store poster series.

Part of a retail in-store poster series.

Research showed people enjoyed Ohio visits more with a minimum 3-day stay. Ads, web banners and gas pump toppers helped potential visitors plan. And it worked. 

Ohio tourism Web banner sequence.